SyFy Channel green lights Superman prequel series ‘Krypton’


Following in the footsteps of Fox’s Gotham, SyFy Channel has given the green light to a pilot for the prequel Superman series Krypton. 

Executive produced by David S. Goyer and showrunner Damian Kindler, Krypton takes place two generations before Krypton is destroyed and before young Kal-El is sent away to live on Earth where he’ll one day become Superman. It will follow Superman’s grandfather as he works to redeem the ostracized and shamed House of El and to save his home world from chaos.


Outside of Man of Steel this will be one of the most extensive looks at the world of Krypton in a live-action setting. Given Goyer’s work with the DC films, it is unknown if this film will follow the example of what Krypton looks like from Man of Steel or if it will follow the lead of other Warner Bros. DC TV projects and stand alone from the films and other shows.



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