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Infographic celebrates the man looks of Captain America through the decades

World War II hero. A man displaced in time. Stalwart member of the Avengers. Captain America is a great many things, but fashion icon probably isn’t something that would be put on his resume based on some of the costumes the star spangled Avenger has worn over the years.

Thanks to, we now have an infographic that follows the costume choices of Steve Rodgers, and others that have picked up the mantle, over the years through comic books, TV and movies. These costumes range from the classic to the modern classics to the questionable to some pretty embarrassing choices as well.


It’s safe to say that the Exoskeleton Cap, Nomad and TV Movie type of costumes will never be seen again in any type of medium, while some of the more classic and modern comic book costumes have made the transition to film or at least inspired the choices in film.

Which of the Captain America costumes are your favorites and your least favorites? Let us know by commenting below or sharing with us on Facebook or Twitter!


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