Marvel’s fourth puzzling teaser asks ‘Where is Mosaic?’

While they have added a new piece, what the latest set of teasers from Marvel Comics is leading to is still very unclear. A fourth piece of the puzzle has arrived and adds a new question, as unlike the first three that asked “Who is Mosaic” and “What is Mosaic” this time the teaser asks “Where is Mosaic?”


Like the other teasers this one has faces within the puzzle piece, but unlike the second and third teasers that had Spider-Man and what appears to be possibly Iron Man this one is harder to tell if the faces featured are familiar characters or not.

The good money is still on this being a teaser string for a new Jessica Jones book, since her creator Brian Michael Bendis teased recently that it was likely that he was working on a new book for her, but it very well could be for an event that Marvel has yet to announce.

What do you think these teasers will end up being for?



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