Marvel’s second “Mosaic” teaser features Spider-Man

After dropping a puzzling teaser on Monday that asked “Who is Mosaic” Marvel has released a second teaser featuring a puzzle piece this time asking “What is Mosaic?”

While the first teaser had the image of what appeared to be a women’s mouth and lower half of her face, this new one features quite a few character one of them being Spider-Man. The other faces are not as clear.


Over at Comic Book Resources they were able to piece all three of the images together to give a slightly better picture at what these puzzle pieces might create.

CBR Mosaic Puzzle

Spider-Man appearing could lead some credit to the idea that these teasers are for the Jessica Jones series that Brian Michael Bendis teased could be coming soon. Peter Parker was a part of Jessica Jones history, they went to the same school and she had a crush on him when they were younger, and was a friend during their time together on the New Avengers.

What do you think these puzzle pieces are leading up to from Marvel?


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