Celebrities, gamers and cosplay dominate day two of Wizard World Portland


The second day of any Wizard World Comic Con is a day that finds the con floor and hallways far fuller with attendees but also finds a packed schedule that celebrates every type of pop culture and geek culture that a person could want.

Panels included ones dedicated to Cosplay, breaking into self-publishing, discussing the new Star Trek and Star Wars, various panels dedicated to writing and storytelling, and even Japanese dating simulators.

Those that preferred seeing their favorite actors and actresses could choose from Christian Kane from The Librarians, James Marsters from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Krysten Ritter from Jessica Jones, Arthur Darvill, Alex Kingston, Matt Smith and John Barrowman from Doctor Who among many others.

Gamers could continue to take in all the video games and gaming personalities that filled the far end of the convention floor for the second day of the first Wizard World Gaming event that took place over the weekend. Members of Geek and Sundry’s Critical Role and members of Smosh Games both took to the stage to interact in Q&A sessions with their fans.

Tournaments continued for new games like Street Fighter V, with advancing winners preparing to face off in the finals on Sunday.

For anyone else that just wanted to take in all the wares and goods available from all the vendors and artists, the convention floor was open all-day for shopping and browsing needs.

Tank Girl takes a moment out of rolling down the halls of the convention center to pose for a picture. (Photographer: Bobby Bishop)
The members of Smosh Games interact with their fans as part of the Wizard World Gaming debut. (Photographer: Bobby Bishop)
Panelists Abby Darkstar, Keith Zen, Zach Fischer, Bill & Brittany Doran, Jesse Lagers & Chin Chin (Right to left) discuss project management for jumping into the world of Cosplay. (Photographer: Scott Redmond)
Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston speak about their time on Doctor Who as well as their new DC CW roles with the audience on Feb. 20.. (Photographer: Scott Redmond)
The Geek and Sundry group “Critical Role” interact with the audience on the main Wizard World Gaming stage on Feb. 20. (Photographer: Scott Redmond)
John Barrowman brought a fan dressed as the Tenth Doctor to the stage and kissed his cheek. (Photographer: Scott Redmond)
Matt Smith regales the large crowds that came to see him Saturday by singing the Doctor Who theme song. (Photographer: Scott Redmond)

Published by

Scott Redmond

Editor-In-Chief, writer & photographer for Geekfinity. Lives and breathes comic books. Also loves video games and films. Nerd to his core.

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