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Marvel brings Spider-Verse panel to first Wizard World Reno

Marvel editor Nick Lowe showed off the multiverse spanning Spider-Man event to a Reno convention crowd.
Marvel Senior Editor Nick Lowe spoke to a medium sized crowd about the current Spider-Man event "Spiderverse" at Wizard World Reno on Nov. 22. In his hand is one of the tie-in comics to the event, "Scarlet Spiders", starring three Spider-Man clone characters including the Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider of the 90s. (Photographer: Bobby Bishop)
Marvel Senior Editor Nick Lowe spoke to a medium-sized crowd about the current Spider-Man event “Spider-Verse” at Wizard World Reno on Nov. 22. In his hand is one of the tie-in comics to the event, “Scarlet Spiders”, starring three Spider-Man clone characters including the Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider of the 90s. (Photographer: Bobby Bishop)

As Wizard World’s inaugural convention slipped into its second day, Marvel Senior Editor Nick Lowe came to spread the Spider-Man love at the “Marvel: Spider-Verse” panel on Nov. 22. Dedicated to the Spider-Man event of 2014, Lowe spoke at length about the origins of the event itself along with various characters, gave behind the scenes looks at some of the parts of the event, answered fan questions and even gave out special variant edition comics to many that came to the microphone to ask those questions.

For those that may not have known just what Spider-Verse, Lowe was there to explain. Explaining the idea of the multiverse and the fact that every universe out there has a version of Marvel characters that are known and loved, Lowe said just about every Spider-Man that has ever been created from the multiverse was part of the event. There were some issues with a few characters.

“In this big Spider-Verse event, we have every Spider-Man ever, well almost every Spider-Man ever,” Lowe said. “There were about six or seven we couldn’t use in this event for legal reasons. I can’t get into that too much here.”

When the floor opened to questions later, one of the characters that could not be used was revealed. A member of the audience asked about the Marvel and DC comics crossover event Amalgam Comics that occurred in the 90’s, and if the Spider-Boy character that was a cross between Spider-Man and Superboy could be used. Lowe said that the character actually was one of those they could not use because of the fact that the rights do not solely belong to them.

“He is one of the seven we can’t legally use in there. Sadly. I love Spider-Boy,” Lowe said.

During the panel, Lowe spoke much about the fact that the Amazing Spider-Man title was not enough to contain the event. He mentioned the Scarlet Spiders mini, the newly launched Spider-Woman series, Spider-Man 2099, the Spider-Verse Anthology and the Spider-Verse Team-Up series and how they would pick up the story of Spider-Verse alongside the main series.

Humor was infused into the panel as Spider-Ham and his very comic book origin was discussed, as well as the enthusiastic way that Lowe would say Spider-Verse every time.

Other tidbits in the panel included the fact that Lowe hopes to get former My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way to write more comics outside of his Edge of Spider-Verse debut, that he sought out Mike Costa to write Scarlet Spiders after reading his G.I. Joe Cobra series for IDW and that hints about the character Spidercide that came up during the Superior Spider-Man run could lead to something in the future.

When asked about the character known as Punk Rock Spider-Man that appeared in a recent issue of Amazing Spider-Man, Lowe said that the character was not one that they originally had come up with. In a happy accident, Punk Rock Spider-Man was born from an artistic choice of Spider-Verse artist Olivier Coipel.

Lowe said that Coipel originally drew the character of Spider UK, one of the new Spider-Verse characters, to have the spikes and bracelets that Punk Rock Spider-Man has. That wasn’t how Slott and Lowe envisioned Spider UK, but they loved the character look so much that once Coipel changed Spider UK to look the way it was envisioned, they found a way to use the original design from Coipel to create the punk rock character. The character will appear in the main Spider-Verse storyline but will also appear in the second issue of the Spider-Verse anthology in a story written by Jed McKay Sheldon Vella.

The secret of how Morlun and the rest of the Inheritors, the enemies of the event who are hunting down and eating all Spider themed characters, which was revealed in Amazing Spider-Man 10 will be further explained and expanded on in the Scarlet Spider series, Lowe said.

When asked about how Spider-Verse came about and if it was tied to the final episodes of “Spider-Man The Animated Series” in the 90s, Lowe said that Slott got the idea of the series from his time working on the “Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions” video game. The idea behind Morlun and his family coming back to life came from the fact that the character had already died twice in the 2000s and had come back to life.

In a recent back-up story, it was shown that the Spider-Man from the Sunday comic strip universe was safe from Morlun and the Inheritors, but Lowe said that it was the only universe that was safe. Even the main Marvel Universe Peter Parker and others are not necessarily safe, Lowe said.

A bit of the panel talk turned towards the Superior Spider-Man series. It was mentioned that even though the Doc Ock in the body of Peter Parker version of Spider-Man will go back in time at the end of the event to eventually meet his fate that came in Superior Spider-Man 30, there is a chance that it will not be the last seen of the character.

For the last question and moments of the panel, in an effort to settle a bet, an audience member asked Lowe if Amazing or Superior Spider-Man would win in a fight. Lowe pointed to an upcoming issue as the place to look for an answer to that question.

“You should read Amazing Spider-Man 11 where they fight. That actually comes out in, I think two weeks,” Lowe said. “Amazing Spider-Man 11. It kicks off with a fight between Amazing Spider-Man and Superior Spider-Man, and I think you’re gonna like it.”


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